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As renewable energy investors are bringing in gigawatts of solar, wind, hydro, and bio power assets into existence, there is a growing need for innovative and smart project management and consultancy services. With the renewable industry stepping towards maturity, plant owners and investors are becoming aware of the value of a long-term, data-driven approach to EPC and O&M that focuses on lowering the operating costs and maximizing energy generation. So, they’re looking for consultants who can help them figure out how to use their resources effectively and improve their business processes, which saves them money. That’s where NuConsult Services comes in.

Team building solar panels on a backdrop of electric lines

We offer consultancy services to energy companies, whether they’re Renewable Plant Owners, Independent Service Providers, Private Equity Companies, or Investors. Our goal is to help these companies increase productivity and reduce operational costs by improving their processes and providing knowledge to their staff so they can stay up to date. We also assist them in implementing best practices in areas such as project management, operations and maintenance, and energy management. We’re experts in operational excellence in the renewable energy industry. Our advice and recommendations are based on a combination of the best methods, research, creativity, and internal quality assurance.

At NuConsult Services, we take a comprehensive approach to renewable energy projects. We use innovative techniques and thorough plant analysis to help plant owners keep their projects running smoothly. Our experienced team provides top-notch engineering services that go beyond typical maintenance needs. We work closely with our clients to make sure their plants perform well in the long run and provide a good return on investment.

Our Goals

Consultant checking a solar panel on an assessment


We believe in treating others with respect, being reliable, and standing up for what is right. That’s how we roll.


To be recognized as a key player in the energy consulting industry offering realistic, executable, and profitable recommendations to help stakeholders make the best decisions for the growth and expansion of their business.


Accelerate the shift to renewable energy sources by leveraging innovative business solutions helping businesses generate new value, streamline operations, decrease cost, and improve performance.


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