Construction Management


On-site visits to the project occur on an agreed basis during the construction phase of the project. On-site reviews typically consist of:

Hardhat worker managing construction of a hospital building

During the construction and commissioning phases of a renewable energy project, NuConsult provides construction management and monitoring services to help ensure that project milestones are completed, the work conforms to the project design, quality controls are being met, and potential delays or cost overruns are identified.


During the project start-up and testing phases, NuConsult provides independent assessments of performance guarantee satisfaction, initial operations, and completion of construction contracts. Services typically include:


Full-time on-site monitoring is provided by the company’s field specialist whose primary role is to monitor the engineering, procurement, and construction during a project’s construction period. The on-site specialist interacts with all project construction stakeholders to provide feedback to the lender / owner regarding construction conformance to the project design and schedule, reviews of work plans and quality-control procedures, and consultations in advance of inspections and major work phases.


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