Wildfire Management Plan and Site Assessment


Wildfires pose a significant risk to solar power plants, potentially causing costly damage and disrupting energy production.  To mitigate these risks, regular wildfire inspections are crucial for identifying potential hazards and implementing preventive measures.  

Aerial view of solar panels surrounded by burned trees

Evaluation Process

Project Management

The Wildfire Management Plan (WMP) will compare solar sites to industry best practices and we will provide comments on any recommended changes.  This will include a site inspection and a coordination with the local fire department.

Man inspecting and assessing a solar panel

Site Inspection

This site inspection documents the following...

Local Fire Department Coordination

Develop An Annual Review process...

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will help to organize the process by which the local fire department can aid the renewable site and will help with implementing a pre-fire plan.  The MSDS for products on site include the following:

Electrical Equipment


Switchyard / Substation

Fire Detection

Fire Suppression

Wildfire inspections are crucial for identifying hazards and implementing measures that could save a renewable energy plant from damage.  Wildfires pose a risk, but they do not have to be catastrophic. 

At NuConsult Services, our specialists provide the knowledge and the tools to prepare owners for when a wildfire occurs.  We have given peace of mind to many renewable plant owners and we would love to extend our expertise to you.