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Auston Taber, one of the board of advisors for NuConsult Services



Auston Taber

OVERVIEW: Auston Taber is a member of the Board of Advisors at NuConsult Services. He has extensive experience in the solar industry, having worked in various service and technical roles for over ten years.

Auston, who is originally from southern California, now lives in Charleston, South Carolina, where he offers assistance and support to the east coast. Auston Taber spent his formative years in various parts of Southern California, including Riverside, Temecula, and Yucca Valley.

Instead of pursuing a traditional academic path, Auston cultivated his skills on job sites, evolving from residential solar installations to working on some of the nation’s major solar projects. His work taught him the importance of persistence, adaptability, and the art of balancing professional and personal realms.

Currently serving as the VP of Service at FranklinWH, Auston believes in simplicity, hard work, and the value of strong relationships. His journey from hands-on roles to business ownership over the last five years reinforced the significance of surrounding oneself with a trustworthy network and maintaining a work-life equilibrium.

While his professional accomplishments are notable, Auston is a man of varied interests. From recalling his surfing days to his tech explorations and aspirations to grasp a new language, he’s always on the lookout for new challenges. He cherishes moments spent near water, whether it’s a beach or a forest stream, often accompanied by his wife. A proud father and a pet owner, some of Auston’s fondest memories include the birth of his children and quiet moments at home with his family, two dogs, and an ungrateful cat.

His philosophy is a simple yet profound one: “I would rather laugh than cry, we are here for such a short time.” Grounded, understanding, and driven by innate curiosity, Auston remains a testament to the idea that success isn’t just about achieving goals, but also about embracing life’s simple joys and ensuring a harmonious balance in all endeavors.


As the Founder and CEO of Solar Support, Auston is known for his ability to efficiently restore PV equipment and plants, instilling confidence among owners and operators regarding their asset performance. He possesses in-depth knowledge of PV equipment and site operations and maintenance in residential, commercial, and utility settings. Auston has held leadership positions in customer service, safety, and training at companies like SMA, Huawei, and Ginlong Technologies. He excels at troubleshooting and finding solutions, a skill he developed through hands-on work on rooftops, in challenging environments, and by putting in extra hours during holidays. 


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