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Beryl Weinshenker, Principal Engineer at NuConsult Services
Beryl Weinshenker
All Correct Solar
Principle Engineer

Beryl Weinshenker

OVERVIEW: Beryl Weinshenker, the founder and CEO of All Correct Solar, a company that focuses on EL imaging & inspections, underperformance support, project management, content writing, product management, and innovation, will join as Principal Engineer at NuConsult Services. Beryl is a certified Project Manager with experience in engineering & testing firms, module manufacturers, and racking manufacturers. He also provides consultation on innovation for the Department of Energy. Beryl holds three solar PV patents and authored the 2017 racking business intelligence report for GTM/Wood Mackenzie.

WORK EXPERIENCE: After working in construction for many years, Beryl Weinshenker’s thirst for knowledge lead him to Montana State University, where he graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering. His post-graduate studies focused on PV solar, passive solar, and heat transfers. Beryl entered the PV solar industry in 2009 and has since gained extensive experience in various aspects of the field, including project development, construction, field inspections, product management, financing, innovation, and testing. In 2020, he joined PVEL, a testing laboratory, as the manager of their Field-Testing Department. EL Imaging was their most popular offering, where he and his team made over 100 deployments across North America to perform EL imaging. Outside of work, Beryl enjoys tending to his small farm near Portland, Oregon, as well as skiing and volunteering with the Mt Hood Ski Patrol.





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