NuConsult Team

Caleb Ward, Principal Consultant for NuConsult Services



OVERVIEW: Caleb Ward is serving as Principal Consultant in NuConsult Services. Safety, quality, and development are the three core objectives being focused on by Caleb Ward. He desires to provide prudent organizational leadership to guide and train electrical professionals in a manner, which encourages safe working practices and results in a high-quality product for the end users.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Caleb possesses more than 17 years of experience in managing projects and electrical operations at different entities. He has also worked as Electrical & Instrumentation Manager, Electrical Manager for Solar Projects, Electrical Safety Auditor, Electrical Coordinator, Commissioning Manager, and Electrical & Instrumentation Estimator. His Major clients include Arizona Public Services, CAISO, Colorado State University, DESRI, Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Florida Power & Light, Georgia Power, NV Energy, Recurrent Energy, and Kentucky Utilities among others. He has developed 5 projects for baghouse, 2 projects for combined cycle, 12 projects for energy storage, two projects for fossil decommissioning, 3 projects for gas turbines, 5 projects for gypsum dewatering, 3 projects for process water, 5 projects for pulp & paper, 15 projects for substation, more than 50 projects for utility solar, and more than 10 projects for wind turbine.



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