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Mark Flickinger, member of the board of advisors for NuConsult Services



OVERVIEW:  Mark Flickinger is a part of Board of Advisors of NuConsult Services. At present, he is working as the CEO of RCG Renewable Energy Group LLC. He has served several leading IIP in the US & Canada in his capacity as an independent consultant.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Mark has 40 years of experience in the industry, specifically in HV and MV substations, transmission, and distribution line construction up to 438Kv, HVDC integration up to 500Kw, and commissioning of 11.2GW of assets. He has been involved in the renewable market since 2003, completing over $26 billion worth of renewable assets. Mark has been leading and mentoring construction executives, personnel, and project teams since 1979, with expertise in green field and brown field development. 

Mark is a 4th generation contractor and has implemented approximately 5.8 GW in wind construction and 5.4 GW of Solar PV including CSP concentrated and parabolic systems. His construction industry experience includes managing high rise construction, military grade bridge major civil works projects, Multi Family Projects, and Epcot World Pavilion in Central Florida. Mark successfully owned and ran construction firms in the U.S. for over 23 years, wining architectural awards for design, engineering, and construction. His former work experience includes:


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