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Mitchell M. Samuelian, CEO of NuConsult Services, LLC


Mitchell M. Samuelian

OVERVIEW: Mitchell M. Samuelian is the CEO/Founder of NuConsult Services.  Mitchell Samuelian is a seasoned solar leader with extensive experience in the O&M industry. He possesses proven leadership/managerial capabilities, excellent interpersonal skills, and problem-solving ability, having demonstrated track record of completing projects on time, and within the budget limits.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Mitch brings more than 40 years of electric utility industry expertise to his position at NuConsult. His experience is in the areas of corporate asset management, engineering, plant management, and strategic planning. He is former CEO of Tonian Renewables, VP of O&M at NRG Energy, former Director of Plant Operations for FirstSolar, and former GM of Ivanpah (392 MW). He is a current board member of Dead Sea Vision, LLC.

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